Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
09 August, 08:20
My first book it is free. It is about Gender, Sexuality and the current construct in America. Feedback welcome. I am a proud Feminist.
Lilly Minx @LillyMinx
04 August, 11:41
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
06 August, 03:31
I don't know if I can be suspended but there are a LOT of horrible dominatrix, Mistresses and Dommes on this platform seeking money and not actually providing anything but demands that are red flag and unhealthy.

I am a kink instructor at Jellywinks Boutique in Tucson, Arizona and as an educator of kink there are lot of bad eggs looking to be Doms. If you are a sissy, be careful you are not exploited.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
27 July, 09:59
@GoddessLizzy I would love to rock that dress. And I know I am a lovely sissy.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
27 July, 05:41
The hormones are really making this girl even moreso.
Goddess Saddy @Goddessforfaggot
25 July, 03:50
Goddess Saddy @Goddessforfaggot
25 July, 03:47
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
16 July, 06:12
Yes we do #sissy #boipussy
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
25 July, 12:17
Bish! I can put myself on a leash and paddle my own ass at this point. 😂 Who know I could be so serious. 😆 I didn't know I had it in me. Its a great hat but I doesn't fit me. Sometimes even a sissy wants to look like a boss as bitch.
Secretsissy94 @Secretsissy94
06 July, 10:26
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
24 July, 03:35
I promise.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
24 July, 03:30 (E)
If your butt was not meant to have sensation for sex why do we have so many erogenous zones around our butt? Why is the prostate there to get the best rubbing? I think the butt definitely likes to be played with.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
24 July, 12:58
Two important tools in the training of a Sissy. The cock cage and a pacifier.

The cock cage is a relic as old as man and torture go back, but the pacifier is a much more recent development with the creation of rubber and plastic.

The purpose of the Cage is to humiliate my small clitty and to train me that it is not worthy of pussy.
The purpose of the Pacifier is to generate the will to speak less and listen more while looking pathetic.

I love my pacifiers and cock cages. You as a sissy should too!
Frank Hamm @Colter454
20 July, 09:13
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
21 July, 07:15
Maybe someone can make that smile a little brighter by letting me serve them. DMs open. I like porn, sex talk and personal swaps.
Davisa Lucia @Mistressdavisa
20 July, 12:16
#sissyfeminization #chasitycage#crossdressing#shemale#feminine#mistress#trans#femboy#transexual#sissynails#obeymistress
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
20 July, 07:23
Sissy Anna, 36, Leo. Lover of makeup, stockings and pigtails. I am a TRAINED sissy looking for advanced tips and tricks to improve my sissification.
Ali Whonows @PinkyPie
14 July, 05:16
Need this so bad...
True Sissy Slut @TrueSissySlutPoster
13 July, 11:16
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
13 July, 06:51
I am not just about talk. I got special toys to give me those good feels. 😘😘 (That is 100% me).
True Sissy Slut @TrueSissySlutPoster
13 July, 05:30
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
10 July, 04:50
SISSY dreams
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
11 July, 07:34
Any one else want these. Fabulous!
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
10 July, 08:15
Did some Goth makeup. I had a lunch with a platonic friend. Hope you all had a great day.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
09 July, 05:17
Pls send as many dick pics, sissy hypnosis vids and sissy porn vids as u can I will watch them all multiple times
Sissy Princess @Belladonna
04 July, 01:50
Pls send as many dick pics, sissy hypnosis vids and sissy porn vids as u can I will watch them all multiple times
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
09 July, 01:19
I don't know. I see a lot of ass and calls for booty but we never talk about the finer side of sissification. The cleaning out. The shaving the legs. The beating the mug with make. All of the upkeep and maintenance is to look good for the Boys who are fortunate enough to fuck us. I like to pull out my best make up game when I have a hot date. Who else loves makeup?

Anyone any good at it? I would love to talk about tricks to look more femme.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
08 July, 08:09
I see my breasts are starting to bud on this spiro/estrogen regiment. Watch me transform peeps!
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
07 July, 07:34
Just want to throw this out there not every person you meet is an incapable sissy. I am 110% a sissy.

I also am a Top and a Domme. [This photo is of me with my girlfriend sissy named Robyn].

I am a switch that presents as a sissy as that is my default role. I have been at sissification for several years. I am on FetLife for anyone heavy into kink. I have an owner, Mistress Soliloquy. I am willing to keep my mind open to be taught how to improve my skill set, but don't treat me like I am completely incapable or without knowledge. I am open. I am friendly. Come talk. I don't bite either.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
06 July, 07:52