Brookesasissy @Brookesasissy
14 June, 07:42
Yes please
Venus Lux @go_6286b8b1e5f43
20 May, 05:39
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
23 June, 12:53
Hoping I get rewarded tonight for my good behavior.
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
23 June, 01:40
Site Admin @TheSissyNetwork
21 June, 03:22 (E)
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
18 June, 02:40
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
16 June, 02:28
I was 13 and during that time I was a “bad boy”. My friend Ethan and I had been breaking into summer homes near our neighborhood. We had found Playboy and Penthouse magazines amongst other things. I tried to hide from him that I had be taking lingerie and swimsuits or bikinis on our adventures. One day on a long walk we had stopped at someone’s covered picnic table, Ethan had expressed how horny he had been that day. He pulled out his hard cock to show off and I couldn’t help but ask if I could help him. He didn’t last long until he filled my mouth with cum. Lucky for me it wouldn’t be the las
Bobby Kuipers @Bobby1982
16 June, 01:46
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
15 June, 01:15
It’s not masturbating it’s practice. #sissy #sissycaptions
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
12 June, 10:54
Spent the day cleaning and recovering from last night. Still riding a very high cloud. Didn’t get many photos but here’s mistress’s favorite.
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
11 June, 06:57
Freshly shaved, new heels to try on, new lingerie, and a new toy to try out while rolling with my mistress. I’m in paradise right now. I’ll post photos tomorrow. #startersissy #sissyheaven
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
11 June, 09:09