Judy Wald @go_62755a75a9934
16 July, 03:10
Good Saturday Afternoon from Judy's Sissy Boudoir/Playground here in the RLD of the Hot American Southwest, today is our weekend Saturday Heater special for our ladies, mani and pedi gets you a entry into our Sissy Summer lottery. Stay tuned for further details.
Judy Wald @go_62755a75a9934
17 July, 11:55
Good Sunday Afternoon from Judy's Sissy Boudoir/Playground here in the RLD of the Hot American Southwest corner, today is our last day to get in our weekly lottery and raffle for our grand prize in our Super Sissy Summer Sleepover Party. Stay tuned in for further details...
True Sissy Slut @TrueSissySlutPoster
17 July, 10:55
Judy Wald @go_62755a75a9934
18 July, 08:45
Good Monday Morning from Judy's Sissy Boudoir/Playground here in the RLD of the American Southwest, where today in Judy's salon, we are cleaning up after the Great Party. But we are still reopening around 3 PM for any appointments and walk ins. So please stop by and say Hello to Judy.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
16 July, 09:21 (E)
I will make so many cummies today, I will need a pad.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
16 July, 08:23
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
17 July, 07:23
Panty and padded, ready for the day...or Daddy.
Mistress Jessica @go_6274e58f2bb0a
06 May, 02:14
Eden Gurl @EdenGurl
15 June, 01:39 (E)
Just laying back with my sissy goodies exposed...
Eden Gurl @EdenGurl
15 June, 01:41 (E)
My mistress loved me in the ready position exposing my sissy clitty and delicate bag of sissy ovaries...
Earon Parker @Pico0044
10 May, 01:16
In response Mistress Jessica to their Publication
Absolutely beautiful baby girl
Samantha Fucktoy @go_62a52736d9c60
11 June, 09:55
In response Mistress Jessica to their Publication
Dm me
Chloe Smith @Goddesschloe
25 May, 09:11
Hello submissive slaves
Bobby Kuipers @Bobby1982
13 June, 08:23
Jessica Taylor @SissyJessica96
03 May, 05:04
Oh soo cool! Here have my first post 😳🤗
Site Admin @TheSissyNetwork
09 May, 04:32
Sissies need discipline #sissy #sissycaptions #sissycaption

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Lucy Läubli @Sissyboy92
05 May, 03:11
Sissy Jeffrey Rossman @sissyfagjeffrey
09 May, 04:27
Jeffrey Rossman is being outed as a sissy faggot queer from Connecticut and to make certain he can`t run, hide or deny it, he is being seen and outed as he really looks without any makeup or wig so he can be easily recognized for the sissy faggot he is by people who know him but never knew the truth about him, that he dresses as a girl, shaves his legs and loves being with boys,
Sissy Jeffrey Rossman @sissyfagjeffrey
09 May, 11:29 (E)
Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut, known online as sissyfagjeffrey or as sissleahrossman, is admitting he is really a sissy queer who loves dressing as a girl and being all that boys want from a sissy. Jeffrey shaves his legs, wears bras and panties, and loves wearing makeup. People who know Jeffrey in the real world have no idea what he has always been. Now, he is being exposed for his family and friends to see what he really is.
Earon Parker @Pico0044
10 May, 01:03