Lucinda @Lucinda
11 August, 12:35
That's the proper view we gurls should have when we look down inside our panties.
Lilly Minx @LillyMinx
11 August, 12:29
I think about living a life of a no limits sissy whore.... It make me dripping wet 😝 #sissy #sissycaptions #SissyGoals #goals_in_life #whoreing20s
Lucinda @Lucinda
10 August, 10:41
Its kind of hard question to answer. both sides have pros and cons.
but for me B is more interesting 😊😊😊
Susan Clara @ladyboss
10 August, 04:09
Are you ready to be owned and collared by me
10 August, 03:18
I love being little sissy
10 August, 03:08
Judy Wald @go_62755a75a9934
10 August, 01:42
Greetings from Judy's Sissy Boudoir/Playground here in the RLD of the American Southwest, well today is Our Midweek Social and Girl Talk along with getting your nails done. So come in and say Hello to Judy. She would very much appreciate it.
Kendra Nelson @KendraNelson
10 August, 12:15
Sitting here wishing that I had someone to please
10 August, 11:05
And I'm here Heather I'm in here I like feeling sexy women I'm looking for excitement and fun
Brookesasissy @Brookesasissy
10 August, 09:45
Hot and moist
Brookesasissy @Brookesasissy
10 August, 09:45
Natalie Hubsch @Sissy_Nat
10 August, 07:38 (E)
Let him permanently fuck away any thoughts other than thick, hard black cock! #sissy #sissycaptions #sissycaption #blackcock #bigblackcock #sissyslut #bbc #blowjob #OC
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
10 August, 06:57
My panties for the day.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
10 August, 06:32
#sissy #faggot I know it and accept it.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
10 August, 06:27

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