Lucinda @Lucinda
11 August, 12:35
That's the proper view we gurls should have when we look down inside our panties.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
10 August, 06:57
My panties for the day.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
07 August, 08:33
#Panties #limp Ready for Daddy!
Lilly Minx @LillyMinx
02 August, 12:11 (E)
I want to make more of my own sissy captions... It's fun โ˜บ๏ธ #sissy #sissycaptions #Panties
Madelyn James @MadelynJames
30 July, 05:11
Filling my panties with my yummy cummies so that I can lick them clean. Mmm, breakfast!!!
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
12 July, 08:18 (E)
Aunty, this sissy dress, the panties, my hair and makeup. This is just pretend isn't it?
Of course darling, it's just girl know for fun.
But you said that last week too.
I did...
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
11 July, 07:24
Picked up at Amazon. No affiliation, I just love them. Nimiya Men's Satin Ruffled Floral Lace Bikini Briefs Sissy Lingerie Panties Underwear Crossdressing Outfits Pink Letters Large
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
06 July, 07:27
Pick my panties for the day.
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
05 July, 07:49
Panties or diapers only! No Men's clothing for this Sissy. Who else is on a panty only regiment? Want to share your first time panty story? DM is open.
Eva Bentova @go_62af37c44636f
24 June, 11:58
I wear panties to tease but when the cocks come out, they fall right off ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŒˆ
Sissy Jeffrey Rossman @sissyfagjeffrey
09 May, 11:29 (E)
Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut, known online as sissyfagjeffrey or as sissleahrossman, is admitting he is really a sissy queer who loves dressing as a girl and being all that boys want from a sissy. Jeffrey shaves his legs, wears bras and panties, and loves wearing makeup. People who know Jeffrey in the real world have no idea what he has always been. Now, he is being exposed for his family and friends to see what he really is.
Site Admin @TheSissyNetwork
07 May, 04:35
It started with panties now youโ€™re sucked into sissy life #sissy #sissycaption #sissycaptions #dildo

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