Aneros PGasm Slut @CumFromAnal
29 September, 07:53
To further increase your already immeasurable desire for juicy cock, you just have to lock your clitty in progressively smaller cages.
Pro tip: there are even 'inversed' chastity cages reducing your clit size to less than zero.

#sissy #chastity #smallcage #sissycaptions
Zakina @Zakina
28 September, 10:00
Aneros PGasm Slut @CumFromAnal
27 September, 10:01
After your first sissygasm you will encounter a whole new level of craving for cock. Your clitty is just an appendage that shall stay locked away forever!

#sissy #sissycaptions #Sissygasm #cumfromanal #chastity #cage #permanentchastity
Zakina @Zakina
27 September, 06:35
Billy Ross @Joker_23
26 September, 05:28
Ugh really want a sissy cage 😕
Aneros PGasm Slut @CumFromAnal
26 September, 12:51
Either your clit stays limp at all times, or it gets locked in chastity!
The only way for a sissy to have an orgasm is by anal penetration, dribbling cum from their limp clitties or out of their chastity cage.

#cumfromanal #sissy #sissycaptions #chastity #limp
Zakina @Zakina
26 September, 08:50
25 September, 08:03
Crawl to me and be dominated my dm is opened slave
#sissy #cage #bdsm
Zakina @Zakina
25 September, 10:42
Choose the right throne
#bbc #sissy #chasity #limp #cage #smallcage #smalldick
Zakina @Zakina
24 September, 01:04
Zakina @Zakina
23 September, 10:55
Zakina @Zakina
23 September, 10:28
Donnie Person @sissypantyboi
23 September, 10:03
Hello,i am just looking at these women with very small cocks in Chasity cages....i love to suck very small cocks where i can put my sissy cum mouth around the very small cocks and suck them so they cum and piss in my sissy mouth and i can suck every thing that they want me to suck!...OH,btw, i have only a 2.5 inch sissy cock!...And i suck and suck and suck them and swallow.
dirty at2 @dirtyat2
23 September, 03:39
So cute. If I could look like this, I'd love to be in those small metal cages that are basically flat and leave no room, welcoming the three college students next door to have their way with me. Then after they have ravaged me, send them away and lie in bed grinning with the taste of red wine and cum on my tongue.

#sissycaptions #sissycaption
Zakina @Zakina
22 September, 10:50

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