Katy Spades69 @Archive222
31 July, 05:33
My outfit from last night. I love Saturday night sissy dress up.
Sissi wendee @sissiwendee
28 July, 01:47
I love this dress x
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
27 July, 09:59
@GoddessLizzy I would love to rock that dress. And I know I am a lovely sissy.
Chloelynn Savage @Chlloelynn
27 July, 09:12
Hi. I’m chloelynn. A sissy/crossdresser. I like dressing up for cock
Davisa Lucia @Mistressdavisa
20 July, 12:17
#sissyfeminization #chasitycage#crossdressing#shemale#feminine#mistress#trans#femboy#transexual#sissynails#obeymistress
Davisa Lucia @Mistressdavisa
20 July, 12:16
#sissyfeminization #chasitycage#crossdressing#shemale#feminine#mistress#trans#femboy#transexual#sissynails#obeymistress
Suzi Shithole @SlurpinSissy
20 July, 12:00
'm a Cum loving, assjuice slurpin', hole stretching sissy. I love nothing more than dressing up for you and fucking my holes with big, fat, rubber cock. I’ll bury them deep in my throat and ass, and show you my sloppy gape as I’m suck my juices off of them.
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
12 July, 08:18 (E)
Aunty, this sissy dress, the panties, my hair and makeup. This is just pretend isn't it?
Of course darling, it's just girl time...you know for fun.
But you said that last week too.
I did...
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
11 July, 07:24
Picked up at Amazon. No affiliation, I just love them. Nimiya Men's Satin Ruffled Floral Lace Bikini Briefs Sissy Lingerie Panties Underwear Crossdressing Outfits Pink Letters Large https://a.co/d/aXmp94a
Sissy Scottie @Creampuff
08 July, 12:42
New dress and shapewear. Properly tucked.
Petra Trans @Petra_CD
03 July, 01:38
new summer dress......love it
Petra Trans @Petra_CD
30 June, 01:51
Sunday going to cabin alone so for long time i can dress😍
Marce Hot @Marcehot
25 June, 08:31
This was 2 years ago while I was visiting my parents in my home country. I always stay at their house. My mom has a room full with bags with old clothes. Whenever they go out I immediately go to that room and start trying women sexy clothes and sometimes I even try on some make up. It’s very risky to get caught but that turns me on. I wonder why my mom still keeps those clothes… maybe she knows I like cross dressing it haha who knows…😈😍
Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
24 June, 05:06
I am Annie. I go by Sissy Anastasia. I am solid submissive sissy. I wear floral dresses like this 24/7. #dress #sissyinspiration #real #trans

I am down to earth. I love to roll cigarettes. I sew my own clothing. I anal train daily. I keep a strict diet and I live as a submissive dream full time under the loving command of Mistress Sophia Soliloquy.
Marce Hot @Marcehot
20 June, 09:02
This was a long time ago, one of my first times crossdressing. Like always I was home alone and I found my mothers sexy lingerie. I couldn resist to try it on and use my sisters wig at the same time. I felt soooo sexy and feminine that time 😍

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