Sissy Anastasia @Sissy_Anastasia
24 June, 05:06
I am Annie. I go by Sissy Anastasia. I am solid submissive sissy. I wear floral dresses like this 24/7. #dress #sissyinspiration #real #trans

I am down to earth. I love to roll cigarettes. I sew my own clothing. I anal train daily. I keep a strict diet and I live as a submissive dream full time under the loving command of Mistress Sophia Soliloquy.
Alexis Madonia @mistressalexismadonia
23 June, 10:06 that is my Gmail as well my hangout.
Eden Gurl @EdenGurl
15 June, 01:41 (E)
My mistress loved me in the ready position exposing my sissy clitty and delicate bag of sissy ovaries...
Alexis Madonia @mistressalexismadonia
14 June, 03:58
You can’t run from yourself #sissy #slave #mistress
Alexis Madonia @mistressalexismadonia
14 June, 12:33
Mistress is online now to receive email sissy slave
Goddess Scarlett @Goddess_Scarlett333
13 June, 06:17
Dm if you
e looking for a mistress 💕💕
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
12 June, 10:54
Spent the day cleaning and recovering from last night. Still riding a very high cloud. Didn’t get many photos but here’s mistress’s favorite.
Alexis Madonia @mistressalexismadonia
12 June, 12:52
Add and DM if you really want to be owned and dominated by me #sissy #slave #mistress
Chelsea Arden @StarterSissy85
11 June, 06:57
Freshly shaved, new heels to try on, new lingerie, and a new toy to try out while rolling with my mistress. I’m in paradise right now. I’ll post photos tomorrow. #startersissy #sissyheaven
Kristy Sissy @KristySissy
08 June, 08:52
When i hit 100 Followers i will release my first homemade porno. All reposts are much appreciated.................... #sissy #sissycaptions #sissycaption #dildo #daddy #mistress
Rebecca Wolf @Sissyblackwoods
01 June, 05:48
Can someone send me sissy hypno videos so I can follow orders better from mistresses.
Paulette Dreams @Paulette
28 May, 12:09
Im new here interested in meeting other sissies and definitely a master or mistress.
Love men of color..
Linda Bills @Goddesslynda
04 May, 01:12
My number 1 reason for wanting a slave, is to frequently engage in sexual practices with my slave through this kinky, erotic and fetish sexual displays will only be about he female dominance over the male. I believe that men who use their cock to humiliate women do not know their rightful places as sexual slaves. I am a very strict and dominant mistress, I am looking for a slave for active participation and meeting a slave to own and use as my property, heart, body and soul.

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