Tabitha Bennett @TabithaBenn
02 October, 06:08 (E)
Hiyas Eveyone! Happy to be here and can’t wait to chat! #sissy #sissyslut #seekingowner
Eva Rogers @SupremeDominatrixEva
02 October, 03:27
Superior Bella @Dominantbellalinda
02 October, 01:15
Site Admin @TheSissyNetwork
02 October, 12:57
Love bouncing on daddy’s cock #sissy #sissycaptions #anal
Judy Wald @go_62755a75a9934
02 October, 12:05
Good afternoon from Judy's Sissy Boudoir/Playground here in the RLD of the US Southwest Region, well the Sissy Party is still going on. Ladies, we have some guests coming over. You might want to save some time tonight for them.
Serena Sissy @Serenasissypute
02 October, 11:02
Site Admin @TheSissyNetwork
02 October, 09:31
Love to tease men #sissy #sissycaptions #tease
Mistress Camille @MistressCamille321
02 October, 09:17
Mistress Camille is still interested in submissive sissy
Eva Rogers @SupremeDominatrixEva
02 October, 07:53
Sometimes you need to be more submissive by crawling on your knees to worship mistress cock hehe 😜 #sissy #sissycaptions #sissycaption #chastity #slave #submissive
Dannielle Berry @go_6339373b7bd0f
02 October, 05:22
When your sissy gets dangerous! 😋
Emilie Strang @Emiliex
02 October, 02:34
Slim sub Sissy in Oxford UK looking for mutual oral and receiving anal from another Sissy or a Male Dom xxx
Sissy Cupid @Cupid_sissy
02 October, 12:31
Lucky sissy
Chloelynn Savage @Chlloelynn
01 October, 03:27
Hi. I’m chloelynn a sissy crossdresser. I have a handful of girls that I’ll dress up for and play around. I’ve been doing this for Thirty years. Started with my second wife. She was a dancer/stripper. We get high and mess around. And once high my cock would shrivel up all small and I have her make jokes and it became a turn on. We have threesomes and go out on our boat with, at times up to ten of her stripper friends all naked doing lines off their pussys. Before long we decided we bring them into the dressing up and teasing. We were already fucking them. So we did. First the SPH shit. Not me
John Nic @JohnN
01 October, 01:37
Slutty sissy @Serenasissypute playing with her clitty because she's a total whore. She should be in #chastity using a #chastitycage
What a dirty slut! #sissy #submissive #slut #sissyslut
John Nic @JohnN
01 October, 01:12
My sweet submissive Serena. Killer body. Dirty mind. Cock addicted. She's so gorgeous.
#sissy #serenasissypute #submissive

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